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Jamie Haller Suede Loafer in Clove

Inspired by the classic silhouette of a men’s style Italian loafer with the understated soul of a slipper. Handmade using bespoke Sacchetto construction in an old Dior atelier in the heart of Tuscany. These penny loafers have a glove like fit.

Jaimee Haller shoes are made in Italy, outside of Florence, in an old Dior Atelier by a family of artisanal shoemakers that have been making shoes for 125 years.

These shoes are handmade using Sacchetto construction, an old world Italian shoemaking technique that results in a glove like fit and buttery soft feel.

These shoes are handmade one at a time. There may be small differences shoe to shoe. There may be variations in the leather or or sole. What makes these shoes special is this human touch, this experience of being shaped by hand by those who take pride in their craft. These are shoes with soul.

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