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Created using antique French fabric found while flea marketing in the south of France. This doll comes wearing a raspberry dyed Mongolian sheep collar, antique crocheted necklace, silk ankle ribbons.

** the exact fabric shown on this doll is now out of stock, however, I have a substitute fabric that was actually sourced at the same time. it's quite close to the one on this doll.

Each doll is made of cotton muslin or linen, and primarily recycled and antique fabrics and findings. Each doll is stuffed with a sustainable corn fiber stuffing. Dolls are approximately 22 inches tall. Each doll comes wearing undies. Hair color will vary depending on availability. The doll shown in the photo is an example; all dolls do not look exactly alike.

Each doll is made with button shoulders and may not be appropriate for children under three years of age.

Each doll is cut to order. Allow up to 2 weeks for shipment. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of original order.

Skin tone: choose muslin, tea soaked muslin, or brown linen.

washing instructions

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