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Point of View

Hi! I wanted to share my thoughts and visions about the new shop with you all. Thanks for the mountains of support as I take this leap.

Here we go!

The clothing:

clothes on racks in the jess brown shop
jess brown dresses and folded clothing in the jess brown shop

A bit about timeless, seasonless and simplicity…

I have a pretty solid belief that the most beautiful clothes are simply what we feel great in. I’ve been designing and creating clothing for women for 12 years and in that time I have found that the simple form is best.

The clothing we reach for day in and day out are the pieces that feel uncomplicated and elevated all at once. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition I think! I believe that simple styles resonate.

Silhouettes that just make each of us feel more like ourselves are the greatest gift. I try to continue to offer pieces that do just that.

The vintage goods:
A bit about buying and
living with found objects…

tableware and pottery on a wooden table in the jess brown shop

It’s hard to put in to words how much weight and value I put into living with found objects. It’s sort of a many layered love. First, there’s just the very visceral piece, which is all about unearthing a found object and really knowing that’s it’s true beauty is in its age, signs of wear, and endurance. Somewhere, someone designed and created this piece and it’s made it all of the way through lives and loves right here to my hands. I find that folding in treasures in to my home that speak deeply to me… even if it’s a trinket, brings life to any room.

vintage heath ceramics pieces in the jess brown shop

The next layer of my love of the vintage and found object lies very squarely on my deep commitment to purchase as few new products for my home and space as possible. Overconsumption is out of hand. Fast, disposable goods are not only wasteful, but harmful. This concept of purchasing products designed and created to have a short life span, just so we can be sold more has no place in my world. The beauty and craftsmanship of objects made many years ago stands the test of time. My love of searching and hunting for these great well loved pieces for home is always with me. I’ve definitely been known to spot some amazing old chair discarded on the sidewalk … bring it home, fix it up and voila! It will be better than anything I could find in a big box store.
I love living amongst anything with a story. This little shop will be a continuous rotation of the finds I come across.

view from the entrance of the jess brown shop
The new bits and pieces:
A bit about living with few but wonderful accessories …
pottery on a wooden table with clothing behind on racks in the jess brown shop
Mixed in with the old will be the new! There are amazing artists that I have met along the way whose work is timeless and purposeful. Beautiful sensibility is a constant theme. In my little shop there will be a smattering of some very very special work… all to be lived with and folded into life along side of the vintage finds.

The rag dolls, pillows, quilts … the handmade.
A bit about what you’ll see in the shop…

I have had an incredibly long and loving relationship with the handmade. My interest in surrounding my world with true soul has never wavered. This, I feel one finds most in objects created with intention and by hand.
It was nearly 18 years ago now that I created the first rag doll to sell. What an incredibly beautiful history we have together. Many have noticed I’ve slowed this piece of my work down considerably. I needed to for so many reasons. That being said, I will have rag dolls available at the shop. I will make them at a reasonable pace and when I feel the most inspiration.

Quilts and pillows will also be coming to the shop! These take time!! I will be available to create custom orders from this new space which is always fun! If you find yourself in need of a custom palette, then pop in and we can go through the fabrics together and begin creating something very special.

So there you have it!! The jess brown shop I expect, will be an evolving installation of sorts. My hope is it stirs something up. I’m not entirely sure what that will be… but something meaningful, I hope! I’m so excited to see how it unfolds. Please do come visit if you find yourself in downtown Petaluma, California. I’ll be at 144 Petaluma Blvd North.