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Jamie Haller Loafer in Black

Jamie Haller Loafer in Black

Inspired by the classic silhouette of a men’s style Italian loafer with the understated soul of a slipper. Handmade using bespoke Sacchetto construction in an old Dior atelier in the heart of Tuscany. Made in Italian hand-waxed buffalo and lined in very soft leather with a leather sole. These penny loafers have a glove like fit.

Jaimee Haller shoes are made in Italy, outside of Florence, in an old Dior Atelier by a family of artisanal shoemakers that have been making shoes for 125 years.

These shoes are handmade using Sacchetto construction, an old world Italian shoemaking technique that results in a glove like fit and buttery soft feel.

These shoes are handmade one at a time. There may be small differences shoe to shoe. There may be variations in the leather or or sole. What makes these shoes special is this human touch, this experience of being shaped by hand by those who take pride in their craft. These are shoes with soul.

a note from Jamie Haller on caring for your shoes

Our leather slippers and loafers are made from Italian skins. Their beauty rests in the leather’s finish and handfeel. To ensure their preservation, please wear your shoes carefully. Treat them thoughtfully. Avoid water, dirt, mud or sand. They will develop a patina over time. The leather will form to your foot and change appearance. This is part of the beauty of a more naked skin, much like an unlaquered brass or raw denim, they will become your own creation over time. Markings, discoloration from wear and from being worn will create a one of a kind appearance that will tell the story of your time.

Please also realize that my shoes are handmade. This is a beautiful process that supports a family and community of Italian makers that have been making shoes their whole lives and their families lives before them. They are a lineage. They use their hands. They cut by hand, they apply the soles by hand. They sew by hand. Humans can make human errors. Because my shoes are not made by automated machines and presses, but by humans, they will have minor inconsistencies from shoe to shoe. If you have an issue with a pair please reach out. I personally check each shoe before it is sent to you. What makes them not 100% perfect is what makes them beautiful. This handmade construction is a dying art. It creates a fit and a feel that is different. They are different.

We do not offer repairs. Please consult with a qualified cobbler if your shoes need repairs over time. This is a relationship you should have in your toolbox. A good cobbler is your friend.

The sole is a sueded leather. It is a sole meant to be worn outside and inside. There is no issue wearing your shoes outside and even in mild weather. The soles are not heavy duty. I would suggest not wearing your shoes in heavy rain or snow. They are not that kind. Please note that in time they can become slippery on wet flat surfaces as would any leather sole. I suggest buying anti slip stick on sole stickers. You can buy them on amazon.

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